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Top 5 Things to do in the Philippines

      (Clayton Klyne) To see the video highlights of our trip to the Philippines, check out our YouTube page.

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Our First Food Shoot

When we first embarked on our culinary journey, we were not only interested in a food tour. We were looking for something different… a bit more challenging, something that only people dream of doing, but never end up acting on it. We were much more interested in learning to cook the dishes on our travels, [...]

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Bed Bugs Anyone??

When most people go to France, the destination on the top of their list is the Eiffel tower, China may be the great wall, and Egypt would be the pyramids. When I first started travelling, this was the case with me as well. I spent countless hours and took thousands of photos of famous buildings [...]

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And So It Begins……

From Melbourne to Beijing, getting ready for the big trip! Only three weeks to go before we set out on our six and a half month journey across Asia. We had all travelled and worked in kitchens around the world and this time we were in St. Kilda, (Melbourne) one of Australia’s tourist hotspots. Lyndon [...]

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The Best Job In The World

  After 13 years of working and travelling in dozens of countries across the world, Chefs Run Wild had finished [...]

China’s Wonton Soup Master

China's Famous Wonton Soup

It was one of those days when you first arrive in a new place. You drop off your bags at [...]

Malaysian Fried Oyster Omelette Recipe (Oh Chien)

Oyster omelette, Oh chien

Malaysian food is not nearly as popular as it should be. There are literally hundreds of unbelievable and unique dishes out there that nobody has [...]

5 Reasons to go to Langkawi, Malaysia

Asian macaque monkey

I have been to Langkawi a few times already but I can never seem to get enough of it! If [...]