And So It Begins……

F rom Melbourne to Beijing, getting ready for the big trip!

Standing in front of our piece of shit guest house on hooker street in Melbourne

Standing in front of our piece of shit guest house on hooker street in Melbourne

Only three weeks to go before we set out on our six and a half month journey across Asia. We had all travelled and worked in kitchens around the world and this time we were in St. Kilda, (Melbourne) one of Australia’s tourist hotspots. Lyndon and I had been sharing a series of unkempt, debilitated, smelly rooms in dodgy apartments for the previous four months hoarding every dollar we could, eating every free meal from the kitchens we worked in, and contemptuously drinking any gratuitous beer given to us, and believe me there were many. This is where we would save the money needed to fund our Asian adventure.

Lyndon and I worked long hours in separate restaurants and barely saw each other. It was mildly depressing to go home to our filthy room so instead we drank ourselves into oblivion every night with our fellow staff members and then returned to work the next day hung over and perplexed, trying to piece the night prior together and hoping that any secrets would remain secrets while comforting ourselves with the popular phrase “if you don’t remember, it didn’t happen.”

Clayton Klyne

Clayton Klyne

Chad had only arrived to Australia from New Zealand a few weeks prior after leaving his teaching job at the culinary school on Auckland’s North Shore and was unaware of our debauched behaviour. At that point, the three of us once again moved, this time to a hostel room with three beds in one room with fantastic views of Grey Street and all its many working ladies of the night and their protectors.


Our departure date was quickly approaching and we had yet to figure out how to properly use our new video camera, one that we had purchased only weeks earlier. Between working and pissing it up every night, Lyndon and I would head down to the beach at St. Kilda where we would practice working with the camera and its functions by filming each other skateboarding. We also invested in a microphone and a wide angle lens, both of which we knew absolutely nothing about and until speaking with someone, we thought that it would be alright to use the microphone on the camera- a testament to how clueless we were. We had bought a few other accessories as well and were adamant that we would learn how to use them before we left. Lyndon and I really bonded over the next few weeks, laying off the booze and focusing on upping our camera proficiency before our journey began. Soon our skateboarding adventures became our first work of art and Chad took part in our learning experience as well. On our last week before we left, we edited our first ever short skateboarding video and posted it on youtube for the world to see. This would be the first of many videos to come.

Written by Clayton Klyne


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