Asian macaque monkey

5 Reasons to go to Langkawi, Malaysia

I have been to Langkawi a few times already but I can never seem to get enough of it! If you are in Malaysia, it is definitely worth a stopover. Langkawi, otherwise known as The Jewel Of Kedah is a set of around 100 islands about 30km off the northwest tip of Malaysia. Pulau Langkawi is the [...]

Thaipusam Festival, Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We take a peek inside the Batu Caves just outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   When we first planned this trip, I don’t think we actually realised just how intense and spiritual the Thaipusam celebrations actually are! Devotees in trances, piercing their face and body with large hooks and skewers and even men hanging by their [...]

Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

  After a very long, hot and sweaty bus ride, a ferry to Java and another gruelling taxi ride, we finally arrived at our destination for the night, Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. It is a series of volcanoes set in a sea of sand. We arrived late at night and only had a wink of sleep [...]

Cambodia Water Festival

If you are lucky enough to be in South East Asia in April, one of the highlights is Buddha’s birthday (Cambodia’s version of Thailand’s Songkran water festival. It is a three day festival which runs from April 13 – 15 and is celebrated in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. We just happened to be in [...]

Eating Tarantulas, Bugs and Snakes

We stumble upon a Cambodia food market which sells some pretty umm…. interesting Asian delicacies. Eating Tarantulas, bugs and snake popsicles are just some of the things we try! After our 7 month journey across Asia, this was a piece of cake! Have you tried any weird or exotic foods? Let us know!

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The Best Job In The World

  After 13 years of working and travelling in dozens of countries across the world, Chefs Run Wild had finished and I found myself falling in to the regular “normal” life of waking up, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner and going to sleep where I could wake up and start the entire process [...]

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China’s Wonton Soup Master

China's Famous Wonton Soup

It was one of those days when you first arrive in a new place. You drop off your bags at your night’s accommodation and venture into the streets in search of your next adventure. The city was Huangshan in southern Anhui province Tunxi District. We didn’t walk more than two blocks before noticing a small [...]

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Malaysian Fried Oyster Omelette Recipe (Oh Chien)

Oyster omelette, Oh chien

Malaysian food is not nearly as popular as it should be. There are literally hundreds of unbelievable and unique dishes out there that nobody has ever heard of. One example would be oyster omelette. There are many different ways to make this dish and we came across this recipe while travelling through Malaysia… Melaka to be exact. We found this fried [...]

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5 Reasons to go to Langkawi, Malaysia

Asian macaque monkey

I have been to Langkawi a few times already but I can never seem to get enough of it! If you are in Malaysia, it is definitely worth a stopover. Langkawi, otherwise known as The Jewel Of Kedah is a set of around 100 islands about 30km off the northwest tip of Malaysia. Pulau Langkawi is the [...]

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Bangkok protests shouldn’t deter travellers

Despite anti-government protests, Bangkok and Thailand as a whole is still a very safe place to travel. I arrived in Bangkok 6 days ago amidst the largest protests since 2010. When I told my parents I was coming here, their only request was to stay away from the protests. Well it was pretty difficult since waking [...]

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The Best Yellow Curry Paste Ever!

This basic yellow curry paste recipe can be used for many different dishes from chicken, fish, or beef curries to the Khmer national dish, Amok. This is actually a Cambodian recipe but it can be used for many Thai curries with substitutions at the bottom of the page. We learned to make this paste at [...]

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Cambodian Yellow Chicken Curry Recipe

Yield: 8 regular size portions/4 massive North American size portions (yes we can be pigs) What you need: 1                     Yellow curry paste recipe <— click that link 30    grams   Prahok (Cambodian salted, fermented fish paste) 1                     Large white onion, medium dice 1                     Large white potato, medium dice 150  grams   Snake beans/Chinese long beans 400 grams   Chicken thigh meant, medium [...]

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Eating fermented tofu in china

  After travelling many different countries throughout Asia and trying countless amounts of local delicacies, I figured we could stomach just about anything. Thinking back at the first time I tried BALUT for instance (boiled duck embryo). At the time, I had to use all of my energy to stop myself from hurling bits of baby duck [...]

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Chefs Run Wild – Behind The scenes in Borneo

This is a short behind the scenes video of the making of Without Borders before it became “Chefs Run Wild”. We made this video about 5 years ago in Borneo, Malaysia and it’s hard to believe that our project had come this far. We started out with short videos which was turned in to a [...]

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Borneo Malaysia, Brunei And Jungle Safaris

This is a short video of the highlights of our trip through Borneo Malaysia. We start out in Kuching, head to Sibu for Christmas, then off in to the jungle to visit the nomadic tribes. We were even invited to attend a wedding at a long house! After an entire night of drinking and dancing, [...]

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Cambodian street food Banh Chiao – Russian Market, Phnom Penh

During our 8 month food tour through S.E. Asia, our main focus was to learn as much as we could [...]

Thai Street Food In A Flash – Bangkok

When most people think of Thailand one of the first things that come to mind it the food. Oh yeah… [...]

Eating Armadillo For Dinner? Honduras

It was day One in Honduras. A friend named Sara picked us up at the Airport in her SUV in  Tegucigalapa, the [...]

Pork Adobo made in El Nido, Philippines

Ok now this is one of our most memorable days of our Asian food tour. We arrived in El Nido [...]